Authors FAQ in Publication of Books 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Self Publishing related FAQ's  
  2. Can I reprint portions of my manuscript in a magazine or journal, or on a website?  
  3. Can I suggest ideas for my cover?  
  4. Can I use sources from the Internet?  
  5. Do I need a bibliography?  
  6. Do I need to send a hard copy?  
  7. Do I receive a PDF file (paperback) and an eBook file that I can upload directly to Amazon?  
  8. Do you prefer original photographs or electronic image files?  
  9. Do you publish multi contributor books?  
  10. Does my book need a Preface?  
  11. Does my book need an index?  
  12. Does my book need an Introduction?  
  13. How are the Royalties Calculated in Self Publishing Model of Books Publishing ?  
  14. How do I get the copyright for my book?  
  15. How do you market books?  
  16. I want to publish a Book , What thinks I need to Know ?  
  17. If I send you a synopsis of my book, will you consider publishing it ?  
  18. If I redraw an image do I still need to go obtain permission?  
  19. Is the contract negotiable?  
  20. Is the deadline on my contract flexible?  
  21. My book includes chapters that have been previously published. Is that acceptable?  
  22. Please briefly describe your editing process.  
  23. What are the page limits for submissions? How do I format my submission correctly?  
  24. What are your Services under Self Publication of Books ?  
  25. What do you consider essential components of a book?  
  26. What happens after my book is delivered?  
  27. What is an ISBN? Does a new edition of a book require a new ISBN?  
  28. What is difference between Paperback and eBooks ISBN? How do I get an ISBN number?  
  29. What is the difference between copyediting and proofreading?  
  30. What material needs permission and how I get it ?  
  31. What should a book proposal include?  
  32. What types of books do you publish?  
  33. When do you pay royalties?  
  34. When will my book be published?  
  35. Who creates my index?  
  36. Who determines the book’s title?  
  37. Who will be responsible for selling my book overseas?  
  38. Whom should I contact about my marketing ideas, book signings, etc.?  
  39. Whom should I contact with questions about the manuscript I’m about to deliver?  
  40. Whom should I follow up with about my delivered manuscript?  
  41. Will I be able to have publicity material for my own use?  
  42. Will I see copies of reviews?  
  43. Will my book be assigned to an editor? How closely will I work with the editor?  
  44. Will my book be available as an eBook?  
  45. Will my book be taken to conferences?  

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