FAQ's about Conferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As a non-author, how can I register and how much do I have to pay?  
  2. Can I transfer my registration to my colleague as I may not be able to attend the conference?  
  3. Difference between submitting a conference papers and getting conference proceeding published?  
  4. Do I need to submit an abstract if I will present a poster?  
  5. Do I need to submit the abstract to attend the conference?  
  6. Do you arrange accommodation and traveling services for the conference participation?  
  7. Do you organize individual airport transfers for participants?  
  8. How can I be in a committee of any conference?  
  9. How can I become a member of conference body? And by becoming a member what all benefits will I get?  
  10. How can I book a private event during conference?  
  11. How can I make the payment for the registration?  
  12. How do I get a receipt for my registration?  
  13. How do I obtain a visa letter of invitation?  
  14. How do I submit my abstract? What if my abstract is not accepted, can I still attend the conference?  
  15. How to submit conference papers for publication?  
  16. I am the Co-Author of a paper, so can I present the work?  
  17. In which journals will my paper be published, which I submitted during the Conference?  
  18. Is it necessary to submit plagiarism and review reports with the conference papers?  
  19. Is there a poster paper presentation session?  
  20. Is there any format in which conference paper need to be submitted?  
  21. My co-presenter created an account on the conference site, but his/her name isn't appearing when I search for it during the submission process. What's wrong?  
  22. What are benefits making us publication partner in your conference?  
  23. What are the types of submissions that are accepted for oral presentation?  
  24. What format do the sessions take place in?  
  25. What is a non-author?  
  26. What is the length of Oral Paper Presentation/Poster Presentation?  
  27. What kind of accessibility arrangements are available?  
  28. What types of sessions or workshops are being offered?  
  29. What will be the charges for Special issue?  
  30. When can I get the receipt of conference registration fees?  
  31. When do I get my registration materials?  
  32. When will I be notified if my presentation is accepted?  
  33. Where are the conference sessions and workshops being held? What time does the session take place?  
  34. Where can I find out about general conference and program information?  
  35. Where can I submit my paper to get published?  
  36. Who all can give oral presentation at the conference?  
  37. Who reviews the papers?  
  38. Will there be best paper, best oral presentation and best student paper awards?  

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